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Round Bottom Quartz Banger

Round Bottom Quartz Banger
Fit and made to function with the Rio or ANY 14mm piece.

  • 90 degree bend
  • 2.5mm thick 
  • 14mm Male Connection
  • Reclaim catcher
  • Strong welds

Quartz may not always be 100% centered . 

If the quartz is too close to the torch nozzle. Please do not use so we can exchange it. Send picture to support@stachproducts.com and we can help switch it out.

We Warranty all Quartz Joints and welds for 30 days.

IF USED WE CAN NOT EXCHANGE OR RETURN OR WARRANTY ANY USED. QUARTZ/ unless at welds or joints within the 30 days.

     MSRP: $35


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